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Creativity – a key to stress release and balancing

By | 2017-08-18T12:27:25+00:00 October 29th, 2014|#Natural Health Tips for Mind and Body|

Business is like a roller coaster of ups and downs. I created this picture to remind myself that I can fly... T here are many tricks to creating the life that we desire - pouring my desires out onto a piece of paper with grounding pastels is not only pleasurable, but creates a reminder for [...]

Rosacea Natural Treatment

By | 2017-09-15T12:44:54+00:00 October 26th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Rosacea has multiple triggers that can be helped by natural medicine. Naturopath, Nurse and Formulation Chemist, Vivienne Savill has developed specific treatment programs for a variety of skin disorders. Introducing Healthy Skin Clinic Simply download a Health Appraisal Questionnaire to start your healthy skin program.  Vivienne will contact you if further information is required. We will [...]

Skin Tip # 11 How to Slow Down Aging of the Skin

By | 2017-10-11T09:23:27+00:00 October 9th, 2014|#Skin Care Tips|

  How to Slow Down the Ageing of Your Skin. The loss of our youthful appearance is the result of several different changes that are occurring within the body and the skin.   A loss of that youthful appearance will be much more rapid for [...]

Every Day Natural Skin Care Regime

By | 2017-09-21T13:06:43+00:00 September 9th, 2014|#Natural Health Tips for Mind and Body|

What are the 3 Basic "must do's" for healthy looking skin? 1. Remove dead skin cells Cells of the skin are constantly being reproduced to maintain the skins barrier. As new cells are made the old skin cells should slough away naturally. Over time, the old skin cells can [...]

#Skin Tip 10. Healthy Bowels = Healthy Skin

By | 2017-10-02T14:55:50+00:00 September 3rd, 2014|#Skin Care Tips|

How Does Constipation Effect the Skins Appearance? How Does a Healthy Body Eliminate Waste? There are 4 excretory organs in the body that help to get rid of waste. They are: the kidney and urinary system the bowel and digestive system the lung and respiratory system the skin. If any [...]

Skin Product Warning – Mercury Exceeds Safe Levels In Some Skin Whitening Products

By | 2017-08-18T12:27:25+00:00 August 15th, 2014|Skin Care Myths and Mistruths|

We all know the importance of putting healthy and natural products on the skin. Many ingredients are large enough to travel through the skin barrier and into the blood stream and it pays to be a little bit careful. So in an age when we are buying paraben free, petrolatum free, chemical free etc. it is incredible [...]

#Skin Tip 8. Eat Skin Nurturing Foods

By | 2017-10-10T14:30:30+00:00 August 14th, 2014|#Skin Care Tips|

Skin Tip # 8. Eat Skin Nurturing Foods For Healthy Skin There are several nutrients that are known to improve the healing abilities of your skin. Having adequate levels of these nutrients is therefore important for a healthy looking skin. And the godfather of all nutrients [...]

#Skin Tip 7 Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Soap

By | 2017-10-11T17:51:39+00:00 July 31st, 2014|#Skin Care Tips|

 #Skin Tip 7. Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Harsh Soap Did you know that the pH of the skin can significantly effect the way your skin functions and looks? In fact the pH (acidity verses alkalinity) of the skin can : affect the [...]