#Skin Care Tips

/#Skin Care Tips

Skin Tip #13 Drain Your Lymphatic System

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  Stimulate Your Lymphatic System Daily The lymphatic system carries body wastes away from each cell and to the blood system. The blood removes the waste with its cleaning elimination methods. Lymphatic stasis can occur if the lymphatic channels are not emptied of their tissue waste.   Inflammation and Lymphatic Congestion Inflammation is made worse [...]

#Skin Tip 3 Eat Skin Nurturing Foods

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  Eat Good Fats to Moisturize Your Skin and Mucous Membranes Essential Fatty Acids Promote Healthy Looking Skin and Hair. Dry skin is often a sign of an Essential Fatty Acid deficiency. Other external signs of essential fatty acid deficiency include dry mucous membranes (such as inside the nose), dry hair or hair loss and nail [...]

#Skin Tip 2. Dry Skin Rescue

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Use Products with Water Retaining Humectants.  Most skin care products such as creams and lotions will contain a basic humectants such as glycerin. You will therefore get some sort of moisturizing effect with most skin care products if used on a regular basis.  However, if the skin is quite dry, you may need something extra. Glycerin is usually [...]

#Skin Tip 1. Daily Skin Care Regime

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  Check out this simple, natural skin care regime that can help make your skin look more vibrant and radiant. Cleansing  Over time, a build up of dead skin cells can occur. This can make the skin appear thickened and dull. By using an exfoliating cleanser on a regular basis, you will keep this build [...]