Every Day Natural Skin Care Regime

//Every Day Natural Skin Care Regime

Every Day Natural Skin Care Regime

What are the 3 Basic “must do’s” for healthy looking skin?

1. Remove dead skin cells

Cells of the skin are constantly being reproduced to maintain the skins barrier. As new cells are made the old skin cells should slough away naturally. Over time, the old skin cells can build up leaving our skin looking dull. When there is an excess of dead skin cells, other products such as moisturizers have more difficulty penetrating into the skin.

By using a gentle skin cleanser such as Native Natural Skin Cleanser can help reduce the build up of dead skin cells.


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Collagen and elastin give your skin springiness and elasticity. We know how a spring looks a bit saggy when it looses its ability to spring back into shape – so prevent the loss of your skins elasticity by following a good natural skin care regime.

2. Moisturize regularly;

Stay Younger For Longer.

Our skin is exposed to harsh environmental conditions on a regular basis.

Good healthy skin consists of many water-soluble compounds known as Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) which absorbs water from the atmosphere and helps to maintain the hydration of the skin. Having adequate levels of NFM helps to prevent skin dryness, cracking, scaling and flaking. The amino acids in NFM also work with keratin to improve our skin’s plasticity. NMF is easily lost from the body which is where good skin care products can help to moisten skin dried by the elements.

Sodium hyaluronate is a super humectant that is naturally occurring in the skin. It helps to maintain hydration and a healthy skin structure.

Glycerin is a must have ingredient in skin care products as it is also a good humectant. Glycerin is a naturally occuring sugar in the skin.  It helps replenish moisture when applied to the skin, helps to maintain the skin barrier plus enhances the pliability of the skin. 

Moisturizers also contain lipids (oils) which are referred to as emollients in skin care products. Emollients soften and moisturize the skin.


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It is recommended that you moisturize daily with a product such as Native Natural Moisturizing Cream for long lasting protection and to lubricate and soften skin dried by the elements.

Make sure your skin care contains:

  • Natural Moisturizing Factors;

  • Super humectants to attract water and moisture;

  • healthy oils or lipids (often called emollients).

3. Replenish your skin nutrients and help assist skin repair

As with the rest of your body, the majority of repair to your skin is performed at night. That is why a good quality night cream is important and can aid in preventing the signs of premature ageing of the skin.

With such important functions to perform, the skin requires adequate nutrition to maintain its integrity. This includes factors such as antioxidants, protein and other nutrients.

Native Natural Night Cream contains nutrients and proteins that  can make your skin look more vibrant and nourished.


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The skin has many functions to perform including; 

  • protection – preventing things from escaping from or entering the body;

  • temperature control – ensuring your body is cooled or warmed to keep you healthy;

  • the transportation of important substances (fluids, nutrients etc); 

  • various metabolic processes (e.g. control of skin stress hormones).

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