Have Younger Looking Skin with Crown of Gold

//Have Younger Looking Skin with Crown of Gold

Have Younger Looking Skin with Crown of Gold

Crown of Gold is a rainforest tree with the yellow clusters of flowers. It contains many active properties that are wonderful for the skin.

How can Crown of Gold benefit your skin?

Crown of Gold native plant extract;

  • contains ferulic acid and gallic acid which helps to defend again environmental assault and stabilizes vitamin C;

  • has great antioxidant properties that are 100 times more potent than vitamin C;

  • has anti-inflammatory plus antiviral actions;

  • helps to protect the skin from sun damage;

  • moisturizes and boosts absorption of ¬†other ingredients in the formula;

  • enhances wound healing;

  • strengthens capillaries and thus helps decrease the appearance of puffy, dark eyes.

Crown of Gold has been added to our Moisturizing Gel and Anti-ageing Moisturizer. Crown of Gold can enhance your skins appearance by;

  • providing anti-inflammatories that can help decrease the signs of redness;

  • reducing the appearance of fine blood vessels that can be due to weakness of the capillary walls;

  • protecting the skin from over exposure to the elements from the sun;

  • moisturizing the skin;

  • reducing the appearance of puffiness and darkness around the eyes;

  • providing the skin with supportive antioxidants that promote healing of the skin.

Find out about Crown of Gold and its amazing properties in our video.

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