Skin Tip #13 Drain Your Lymphatic System

//Skin Tip #13 Drain Your Lymphatic System

Skin Tip #13 Drain Your Lymphatic System



Stimulate Your Lymphatic System Daily

The lymphatic system carries body wastes away from each cell and to the blood system.

The blood removes the waste with its cleaning elimination methods.

Lymphatic stasis can occur if the lymphatic channels are not emptied of their tissue waste.


Inflammation and Lymphatic Congestion

lymphatic_systemInflammation is made worse when the lymphatic drainage system fails to drain effectively.

Leucocytes or white blood cells gather in the tissue as a result of inflammation.

Inflammation further damages the lymphatic system eventually resulting in swelling and increasing toxicity of the body.



How to Stimulate the Lymphatic System

tick-greenBrush your skin

tick-green Exercise regularly. Exercise moves lymph through the draining vessels as a result of skeletal muscle action, respiratory movement (from increased breathing), contraction of smooth muscle cells and blood vessel walls.

Brushing TechniqueLymphatic-drainage

Brush your body with a long handled brush, in the direction indicated and towards the glands.





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