Skin Tip #14 5 Causes of Eye Darkness And Puffiness and How to Treat It

//Skin Tip #14 5 Causes of Eye Darkness And Puffiness and How to Treat It

Skin Tip #14 5 Causes of Eye Darkness And Puffiness and How to Treat It

There are several different causes of darkness and puffiness around the eyes. Some causes will respond to a topical cream however other causes need an internal treatment.

The Causes of Darkness & Puffiness Around The Eyes and How a Great Eye Cream Can Help.

1. Stress and an adrenal response can cause darkness around the eyes. Stress is frequently related to a loss of sleep which can also contribute to the darkened appearance around the eye;

2. Allergy. An allergy can be acute or more long term. An acute allergy can cause dramatic swelling around the eyes, compared to a low grade allergy response which might cause dark circles under the eyes. Eczema can cause mild redness and flaking around the edges of the eye. Peri-oral dermatitis can cause a bumpy, red and inflamed reaction around the eye. Rhinitis, sinusitis and hayfever can cause itching of mucous membranes of the nose &  eyes and  conjunctivae. A feeling of pressure behind the eyes can also occur with sinus issues;

3. Trauma to the eye can also cause swelling or puffiness around the eyes, usually accompanied by bruising;

4. Ageing. As the skin ages the underlying fat tissue can diminish. This loss of padding can make the area around the eyes appear more sunken and darker often with sagging skin. With aging the strength of the fine capillaries around the eyes also weakens. The result is poorly circulation to the eye area which can result in loss of nutrients to the skin and also a pooling of fluid which can cause puffiness.

5. Chinese medicine has a different perception of how the body works. According toteapot_2-021114-ykwv1 Chinese medicine puffiness around the eyes relates to excess Yin. Darkness relates to excess Yang. Grittiness under the eye can indicate a build up of uric acid. Puffiness and fluid retention on the other hand indicates a need for increased fluid intake.

 Treating the Cause of Eye Puffiness and Eye Darkness

Allergy and Puffy Eyes

An allergic response can be controlled significantly with the use of an antihistamine taken orally or applied topically. There are multiple natural antihistamines that are very effective in the treatment of skin allergy as well as sinus and hay fever control. Curcumin (turmeric) is a great all rounder for many different health problems but is also a great antihistamine. Oolong Tea is also great for reducing eczema symptoms.

Ask your natural health practitioner about other supplements that can assist with allergy such as a product to rebalance the immune system, treat the gut and decrease the allergy response.

An antihistamine containing cream will also assist when applied topically.

Stress and the Tired Eye Look

Stress and adrenal burnout is the cause of multiple health problems. It is not just a trigger for lack of sleep or dark looking eyes. There are multiple natural treatments including supplements, lifestyle and dietary change that can assist with supporting during times of stress. See a natural health practitioner or other health specialist to support you through stressful periods and to help bring long term resolution. Alternatively try our Essential Oil Blends for Sleep and Calming.

Aging Skin

As the darkened eyes and puffiness around the eyes in older adults is often a result of poor circulation and hydration, it makes sense to use a product that will promote the strengthening of capillaries. And of course Native Natural Skin Care has an eye cream that does just that.

There are several natural extracts that have the ability to strengthen capillaries and assist with the appearance of darkness and puffiness around the eyes including Crown of Gold, Silky Oil , Illawarra Flame Tree and Kapok. Kapok is also an antihistamine. Cucumber on the other hand is known for its soothing, cooling and moisturizing properties.



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