#Skin Tip 5 How To Decrease Skin Irritation

//#Skin Tip 5 How To Decrease Skin Irritation

#Skin Tip 5 How To Decrease Skin Irritation

How to Decrease Skin Redness and Irritation



 Some people have skin that can be very easily irritated by skin products and there are several reasons for this.

Sometimes skin irritation is due to an allergy effect but it can also be due to skin problems that produce a broken skin barrier (for example dermatitis).

Irritation also commonly occurs in sensitive areas of the skin that are prone to inflammation. For example around the mouth if you have peri-oral dermatitis.

What Ingredients Frequently Irritate The Skin in Sensitive People?

  • Surfactants or cleansing agents.

  • Fragrances

  • Acidic products

  • Exfoliators and scrubs

  • Alcohol (ethanol) Based Products

  • Chemical based sunscreens

  • Artificial colours.

Surfactants or cleansing agents

In shampoos, body or hand washes some cleansers (known as surfactants) are more irritating than others. Amphoteric and nonionic surfactants are low irritant compared to anionic surfactants. A mixture of surfactants is needed to produce adequate foaming of a product, but careful mixing of surfactants can also help decrease the irritancy profile of the shampoo or wash.


In some people fragrance can be an irritant. Irritancy can occur with both artificial fragrances and natural essential oils. Both are therefore recommended to be added to products at relatively low levels, especially around mucous membranes and sensitive areas such as the eyes. Products specifically formulated for sensitive skin are subsequently often odourless.

Acidic Products

Some products are specifically formulated to be a little more acidic with the intent of exfoliating the skin. AHA’s Fruit Acid, Lactic Acid and L-ascorbic acid are examples. Generally over-the-counter products do not contain a high percentage of these products, but they are generally higher in the products specifically designed for acid peels, like those used in a beauty salon.

A sensitive skin can be more touchy however, so always do a test patch before using the product over a wide area.

Exfoliators and Scrubs

Exfoliators and scrubs are similar to acidic products in that they are specifically formulated to help remove dead skin cells. There are 2 types of exfoliators – the chemical and the physical exfoliators. Physical exfoliators create a friction on the skin when you rub then in. For example, jojoba beads, bamboo powder or wattle seeds. A combination of both chemical and physical exfoliators will have a stronger exfoliating effect and can often be too harsh on sensitive skin. So again the advise is  – always perform a test patch before wide spread use.

Alcohol (ethanol) Based Products

Alcohol based products will often cause irritation but fortunately the use of alcohol in skin care products is not popular these days. Products which may contain alcohol include toners, perfumes and other products where the alcohol is used as a fixing agent for fragrances.

Alcohol is not only highly sensitive to many skin types but also very destructive. Products containing alcohol (ethanol on the label) should be avoided.   Ethanol should not be confused with the commonly used cetearyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol which are vegetable derived emulsifiers and thickening agents..

Other  Ingredients

Other ingredients also known for their skin irritant potential include chemical based sunscreens and artificial colours.

Does Your Skin Care Product Have ‘A Low Irritancy Profile’?

What exactly is a Low Irritancy Profile?

A product with a Low Irritancy Profile will either contain few ingredients that are added for aesthetic purposes such as those added to give a good aroma or feel or alternatively products with added anti-irritant ingredients.

What Ingredients Sooth The Skin?

Many skin care products actually contain ingredients that sooth the skin, especially if they are formulated for skin conditions such as eczema.

The following ingredients can sooth the skin or act as anti-irritants:

tick-greenAloe Vera Juice or Gel


tick-greenAlpha Bisabolol – sourced from chamomile

tick-greenNicatinamide (Vitamin B3)

tick-greenOatmeal and Beta Glucan

tick-greenKapok (contains quercetin)


Shea butter

tick-greenOlive Squelene

tick-greenSalicylic acid

tick-greenCalendula  or chamomile

tick-greenEssential oils of Kunzea and Rosalina

The skin is frequently inflamed, especially the aging skin. Any signs of redness or itching are a sign of inflammation.

Soothing, anti-irritant ingredient can therefore be a welcome addition to any daily skin care regime.

All of the produce made by Native Natural Skin Care, contain one or more of the above soothing agents.

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