#Skin Tip 7 Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Soap

//#Skin Tip 7 Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Soap

#Skin Tip 7 Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Soap

 #Skin Tip 7. Use a Natural Cleanser and Avoid Using Harsh Soap

Did you know that the pH of the skin can significantly effect the way your skin functions and looks?

In fact the pH (acidity verses alkalinity) of the skin can :

  • affect the moisture levels;
  • the protective barrier function;
  • the scaling of the skin;
  • destroy good bacteria;
  • promote skin disorders such as fungal infections.

Even water can have a detrimental effect upon the skins pH!

Alkalizing Skin Products Are Bad For Your Skin’s Health

There are numerous reasons why alkalinity of the skin is not beneficial for a healthy skin and one of those is the effect that it has upon growth of good skin bacteria. 

In recent years it has been discovered that a healthy skin has lots of resident skin microflora (good bacteria).  In fact one of the trends over the last year has been adding good bacteria such as probiotics to skin care products. 

In years gone by, it was assumed that the normal skins pH was between 5.0 and 6.0.  But now it is believed that a healthy microflora is promoted when the skin is mildly acidic i.e. the pH is 4 to 4.5. If the skin is alkaline however, with a  pH of 8-9, the levels of  good bacteria are decreased.

Alkalizing skin products such as soap therefore have the potential to destroy your skins healthy bacteria.

New research tells us that the skin is healthiest, when its pH is mildly acid, below 5.0.

Skin Disease and Alkalinity

It has well known that people who have skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis, can be affected by many different triggers. One of these triggers can be water itself and taking a shower or washing of hands can cause irritation and a flare up.

Some people have a type of hand dermatitis that is related to using water alone. Although water itself is neutral (neither acidic or alkaline), it can still cause difficulties to a person with an impaired skin barrier. From research ( Lambers, H) we know that soap and water can impair the skin barrier which is always damaged in eczema and dermatitis.

As we have discussed, the impairment of good skin bacteria can be due to alkalinity. As good bacteria is destroyed, the opportunistic bacteria and yeast have a better chance of attacking the skin. Research tells us that skin disorders such as dandruff, seborrhoeic dermatitis, acne and rosacea all have excessive levels of a yeast known as malassezie furfur. Similarly in cases of atopic dermatitis (eczema) we know that the bad bacterial staphylococcus aureus is present and again, this may be made worse by a lack of good bacteria on the skin.

One study of 284 children with atopic dermatitis, found that there were statistically significant higher pH values of the eczematous lesions, the perilesional skin and the apparently healthy skin. Those children affected by moderate itching had higher pH values that children with mild itching.

Water and Soap Alkalize the Skin

An interesting study  (Lambers H) assessed the skin surface pH of the  forearm of study participants before and after refraining from showering and cosmetic product application for 24 h.

The study found that all cosmetic products, soaps and even tap water have an affect upon the pH which can last for many hours. In fact it can take up to 6 hours for the skin to return to its natural pH below 5.0.

Prior to using soap, the natural skin pH of the research participants was 5.3. Immediately after using soap, it went to the alkaline 6.4

How To Keep The Skin In A Healthy pH Range

Banning soap would be a good place to start however it is obviously rather hard to wash without water. What we can do, is change  the products that we are using to wash our skin.

Compared to soap, body wash is better. Body wash changed the pH of the skin to around 5.9. Better still is a body wash that has an acidity level that is closer to that of human skin.

On the face, using a cleanser especially formulated with mildly acidifying ingredients is also beneficial.

Natural Skin Cleansers

Many additives in skin care products can change the pH of the product. Native Natural Cleanser contains Kakadu Plum Extract which acts like the Alpha Hydroxy Acids – it is more acidic and less alkaline than soaps.

Wattle and Honey Myrtle Scrub contains Fruit Acid Complex which also has an acidifying effect upon the skin.

Both products are beneficial in not only removing the dead skin cells, but also in maintaining a healthy pH for your skin.


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