How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

//How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Silky Oil Grass to Help Reduce Eye Puffiness and Darkness.

There are several different causes for puffiness and darkness around the eyes. Some of these relate to the internal environment of the body whilst others are related to changes within the skin itself.

For example, eye puffiness can be due to;

  • stress and adrenal fatigue;

  • sleep difficulty;

  • hyperthyroidism;

  • crying;

  • fluid retention in relation to excess sodium;

  • an allergy related issue such as sinusitis or hay fever.

With aging skin several changes take place with in the skin that can increase the signs of puffiness around the eyes.

  • the small blood vessels known as capillaries (the micro-circulation) lose their flexibility and this can mean that the movement of blood within the area of the eyes is diminished. Similarly lymphatic drainage can be decreased. This can result in pooling of blood that causes a puffy appearance;

  • the fatty padding of the skin decreases with age. This can result in the skin around the eyes looked less ‘plumped up’ and a darkened appearance of the area below the eyes;

  • the elasticity of the skin in general can also diminish with age. This means that the springy, return of the skin is lost;

  • dehydation can also result in a loss of the skin’s springiness. Similarly dehydation can cause dryness of the eye itself which can result in eye strain, a feeling of tiredness of the eyes.



In this video we explore how to reduce puffy eyes using a natural skin care product containing Silky Oil Grass. It is amazing what healing properties plants have.

Simple things to do to decrease the signs of puffiness and darkness around the eyes;

On the outside;

  • use a skin care product with ingredients that help strengthen the capillaries such as Silky Oil Grass. By doing this the return of fluid (lymphatic and blood) may be assisted;

  • use products with ingredients that assist with the production of collagen and elastin. This may help with the springiness of the skin around the eyes;

  • use eye creams that contain some anti-inflammatories actives such as cucumber, Crown of Gold, Illawarra Flame Tree. Inflammation can be the cause redness and swelling;

  • use products with ingredients that sooth the skin. Cucumber is well known for its ability to help with that tired eye feeling.

  • assist with the moisturization of the skin by applying moisturizing creams with humectants such as sodium hyaluronate. Hyaluronic acid will help ‘lock in’ moisture within the skin cells.

On the inside

  • ensure you are getting adequate sleep. 7 to 8 hours is recommended daily. Avoid long ‘power naps’ – 1/2 an hour is adequate to refresh your energy during the day;

  • keep stress and adrenal fatigue under control as much as possible. These things can cause an imbalance of the circadian rhythym (your 24 hour clock). Simple habits such as regular exercise, meditation, healthy food can assist with this area;

  • keep your body well hydrated. This will assist with moisturization up the skin, but also help avoid ‘dry eye’ which can contribute to the feeling of tired and strained eyes;

  • treat any allergy type of symptoms. It is always good to visit a naturopath who can help you rebalance your immune system and turn off the triggers of allergy that can be causing eye irritation.

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